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Experience Family Dental Care in Greenwood that Consistently Delivers the Two Things You Want Most from Your Dentist

There’s a place where comfortable and dental care are mentioned in the same sentence. Choice Dental Centre of Greenwood provides your entire family general, preventative, cosmetic, and corrective dentistry in a relaxing environment. Your dental health goals are our goals – a healthy mouth and a confident appearance. Achieving both begins by scheduling your free consultation or your next appointment today.


Greenwood Dentist Office TourFeel-at-home with your family dental care in Greenwood

The first thing you’ll discover about our Southside Indy dental office is the convenience. But there’s something more important than our location and you’ll immediately know the moment you schedule your next dental appointment.

  • Preventive dental care with personal attention to keeping your teeth and gums healthy and disease free.
  • Comfortable dentistry designed to assure that your appointment is easy and on time
  • Modern dental procedures focused on helping you enhance your appearance and confidence.

Dental Treatment You’ll Be Comfortable Talking About

Imagine dental care that’s free from complications. The more you know and understand about your treatment the more at-ease you’ll be during your appointment.

  • Get up-front information so you know what to expect during each appointment.
  • Receive a clear explanation of all treatment procedures with words you can understand.
  • Enjoy dental treatment so pleasant you won’t hesitate sharing your experience with family, friends, and co-workers when they are in need of dental care.
  • Family dentistry that’s consistent with your health and appearance goals

    General dentistry, preventive dental procedures, cosmetic dentistry, and restorative dental treatment enhance your oral health and keep your mouth disease-free. Eliminate the risks to your teeth, gums, and overall health.

    Discover for yourself what your neighbors in Greenwood, Southside Indy, and greater Indianapolis, Indiana already know about our comfortable, family dental care.

    Get acquainted with Dr. Michelle Lumsdon, our Choice Dental Centre team, and comprehensive dental services.